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My intention is… “That you increase your knowledge and capacity in the area of Finance.”

Now a couple of things about this blog…

I am not a Financial Planner, Accountant or CPA… so please run any financial decisions you want to make by a licensed professional.

This is not a blog on Prosperity or on how to have an Abundant life. This is a blog on Managing your Finances, in the domain of Business!

First, lets get on the same page as to how money flows. Below are the stages thru which money flows or travels. Understanding these stages is important to understand.

*Money travels To the Business,

*Threw the business’s Budget,

*Over to the Personal,

*And then thru the personal Budget.

The 1st stage that Money travels is to the Business.  Now the Mental Game around Finance can limit our ability to bring more money into our business. If the Mental Game is not in place, then the Physical Game of Finances will not be able to work smoothly.

There are 2 facets to the mental game…

Mindset around Money

Mindset around Budgets

The first area I want to work on is our Mindset around Money and how it can often limit our ability to bring more money into our business.

Question for you… Why do you want to make more money?

If you are not crystal clear on “what You want the money for” then you have created a block that will limit your ability to bring more money into your Business.

Knowing “what you want the money for” has you be emotionally engaged which increases your capacity to bring in more money! Knowing “Why” also creates an awareness and a clarity that also helps you in your ability to bring in more money.

Spending time identifying why you want the amount of money you said you wanted is critical in increasing your capacity to bring in more money.

When you know the “Why” there becomes an integrity and an alignment.

Let’s keep looking at things that limit money from getting to us.

What do you focus on when you want more money?

Many of us focus on the money or the lack thereof… See money is the end results of a business transaction.

If you want more money and money is an end result of a business transaction, then focusing on it won’t get you more of it.

Focusing on the business transaction and creating more business transactions will get you more of the end result of that, which happens to be money.

Said another way, you want to focus on Making a Difference, and stay present to your Sales Goal.

When Money is your primary focus, you will often fall short.


If you want an Apple, focusing on an apple will not get you an apple.

Taking care of your Tree, watering it, fertilizing it, pruning it, talking to it… will get you an apple!

Many of you are so focused on making more Money, that you forget to take care of your tree…!

Next let’s talk about how our Mindset around our Budget, can limit our ability to bring more money into our business.

Remember, if the Mental Game is not in place, then the Physical Game of Finances will not be able to work smoothly.

Question for you… what exactly is a Budget?

Your budget is a physical structure that represents all of the experiences that you said that you are committed to having!

So managing your finances should be fun because you are making sure that you will have those experiences.

It’s important that you make a correlation between working on your finances, to what that work will provide you!

If you want more money in Savings, Travel, maybe a new car… then you need a Budget! People who have money use a budget. People who are broke don’t have a budget.

Question for you… do you want to make more money?  (I will assume Yes)

Another question for you … do you properly manage your Finances on a regular basis?  (I will assume No)

If you answered YES you want more money and NO you are not properly managing your finances then THAT IS INCONGRUENT!!!

That is like saying I want to have a fit healthy body, but I don’t exercise, I eat a lot of junk food, and I don’t even own a gym membership!!!

…And this is why so many business owners are not making the amount of money that they want to make, or that they know they are capable of making!

Your “Feelings” about managing your money can limit your ability to bring in more money. Having anything in your life work really well requires effort, and that effort may not “feel” good.

If you want great relationships, they require ongoing effort; and that may not feel good. If you want a health fit body that requires effort; and it may not feel good.

Finances are no different… if you want them to work well then it requires effort and it may not feel good! Doing what feels good will not get you a fit body, successful relationships or great finances. Being disciplined, and having integrity around your finances will!

It does not matter how you feel about managing your finances….its just something that you will have to do if you want more money! Remember…anything you don’t take care of deteriorates!

If you are not manage the Money you have now with integrity, how do you expect to get more Money?!


If I take my 5 year old nephew into the ice cream parlor and get him a double scoop of ice cream and we walk outside and he drops it because his little hands cant hold it; I am not going to go back in the parlor and then get him a triple scoop! If he could not handle a double scoop, why would I get him a triple scoop?

Yet a lot of you want more money to travel or to save or buy a new car but you don’t manage what you have now…. Then you get upset when you can’t make more money!

Why would you expect to make more money if you can’t handle what you have now!?

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