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Consider hiring Aaron Keith as a keynote speaker or to lead your custom workshop. Aaron offers various topics.


The Buildify Method Podcast is all about mindset, systems & profit. Each build-isode's blunt, no-bullshit conversation is led by Aaron along with his co-host, Ryan Coyne.


A synergistic environment filled with like-minded business owners who want to learn more about how to better own and operate their business.


Reimagined business software for the entrepreneur that includes processes, structures and systems for success. Based on two decades of business building experience!

What is The Buildify Method?

Over 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs. Startups. Billion-dollar corporations. Celebrities. Built 5 Companies of his own. The last two decades of Aaron Keith’s coaching & consulting experience sounds exciting because it resulted in a time-tested and proven approach to building companies.

Over the last two decades of training more than 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, celebrities, and billion-dollar companies, Aaron Keith had refined a proven methodology that helps business owners & entrepreneurs build successful companies. The Buildify Method has two key components.

The first is the mental game of business. We teach & coach business owners and entrepreneurs on key distinctions and roadmap a new paradigm for them to establish and operate within. We make it possible to increase someone’s performance by having them apply our distinctions to how they approach operating their company.

The second part is the systems side of the business. We have developed functional systems that are key to companies growing and scaling consistently. Proper systems are necessary for growth and expansion. The Buildify Method’s doctrine is that ‘systems hold mindset in place.’ We provide a suite of business growth and operational performance systems that support business owners and their high-level staff in more effectively and profitably operating their companies.

We developed The Buildify Method because at Buildify we love entrepreneurs and we are dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community!

The skills required to run a high-level business are not taught in formal schools; either that knowledge is acquired over time through trial-and-error, or one finds a mentor or coach to teach them those skills.

Buildify Systems is a Business Education & Coaching company, that offers a variety of programs that teach business owners how to build extremely successful businesses that are financially consistent and sustainable, while simultaneously giving them the tools to create lives with a high degree of balance.

  • Marketing Strategies & Sales effectiveness

  • Strategic Planning

  • Finance systems

  • Systems creation & implementation

  • Leadership training

  • Accountability & Performance

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