Webinar: How to Have Tough Conversations


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Everyone in leadership or managerial positions MUST have the ability to deliver direct, honest feedback that positively evolves the performance & effectiveness of their team members!

This is a critical skill that every single CEO, Business Owner and Executive can improve on. In this month’s Buildify Training Webinar we are going to teach you our proven format for:

1) How to effectively deliver tough conversations that work

2) How to properly receive tough feedback.

Your team’s ability to regularly have direct, honest, performance-driven conversations is at the source of your company’s Culture!

If you and your team have not yet implemented a system for delivering direct conversations on a regular basis, then your company is not operating at its potential, risking your culture as your company continues to grow.

What will you get out of this Webinar: 

  • Learn a communication exercise that you can run with your whole team that will teach everyone how to 1) Deliver direct feedback and 2) how to receive direct feedback in a functional way. 
  • Learn the step-by-step process for how to deliver tough conversations with any person that will leave them feeling empowered. 
  • Learn how to take feedback from anyone and turn it into useful information that will fuel your performance and effectiveness.