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Thank you for joining us here at the Buildify blog. Welcome to Buildify and The Buildify Method. 

My name is Aaron Keith, and I will be leading the conversation around this this topic. 

First off, I want to welcome you and thank you being a part of the Buildify family.  I know you have a very busy life and I really appreciate your interest in learning and growing as a business owner & entrepreneur!

Before we get into the content of this specific blog topic, I would like to explain why I created Buildify & The Buildify Method.

I created Buildify because this allows me to do what I love to do, which is teach business owners how to better own and operate a successful business. In each blog we will do a deep dive into very specific topics and distinctions that make up The Buildify Method. 

I also created these blogs because I feel it’s very important for business owners to make time to learn tangible skills that they can take back to their companies the very next day!

I believe it’s very important for business owners to be constantly looking for ways to better own and operate their business. And I designed each of these blog topics to do just that.

And those are the reasons why I created Buildify and all the resources under its umbrella! …with that in mind, let’s get to work! 

The topic of this specific blog is on… “Foundational Business Systems for a Real Estate Business 2.0”.

The intention that we are out to fulfill on in this blog discussion is… “How foundational business systems increase your performance as an Agent, and positively impact your consistency”.

This is a huge subject so we wont get through everything there is to talk about here in just this one blog.

The first “performance-based business system” we are going to work on is your

Sales Goal Breakdown.

What is a Sales Goal Breakdown?

A Sales Goal Breakdown, is a document that has your annual sales goal broken down in to granular detail. 

Why is it so important to have your Sales Goal broken down?

All of your Annual Planning is predicated on the metrics of your sales goal.

Being clear on your goal and what it takes to hit your goal is important. Most people set goals with now understanding of what it will take to achieve it. 

When you don’t understand what it will take to accomplish something your brain relates to it as a concept. Your brain is not emotionally engaged. 

Once you break it down your brain can actually latch on to it and get engaged in your goal. 

Having your Sales Goal broken gives you vital information that effects other systems we will be addressing today like your Marketing Plan, your Tracking Documents, etc. 

Here is how you set up this System…

I recommend that you all have a saved document on your computer calling it your Annual Sales Goal Breakdown. 

Your Annual Sales Goal should be broken down like this…

  1. Total Sales Volume,
  2. GCI
  3. Average Transaction Size / average sales price
  4. Number of Units to sell
  5. Number of Appointments 
  6. Number of qualified Leads.

Once you have these annual numbers, divide by 12 to get your monthly snap shot of these key statistics. 

Your Homework Assignment is… create your “Annual Sales Goal Breakdown” document and flesh out your Sales Goal.

The next performance based system we are going to cover is your Marketing Action Plan. 

What is a functional Marketing Action Plan?

A marketing action plan is a document that breaks our all of the marketing actions and the frequency those actions should be taken for the entire year. 

Your functional Marketing Action Plan should be designed to fulfill on the number of Leads, Appointments and Customers…your Sales Goal requires. 

One of the main reasons many agents don’t hit their sales goals is because they don’t have a functional Marketing Plan that they are following. 

Do you have a written Marketing Plan for their business?

Let’s talk about how to put together your functional Marketing Action Plan…

Here is how you lay it out… 

A marketing plan has the following items…

  1. Action
  2. Frequency that action is taken (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  3. Who is responsible for taking that action
  4. And the Cost of that action.

Your Homework Assignment is… start building out your Marketing Action Plan.

The next performance-based system I want to talk about is a 

Key Performance Indicator Dashboard or KPI Dashboard. 

What do you think a KPI Dashboard is?

Your KPI Dashboard tracks all the important stats that are critical to the running of your business. 

  • Leads received
  • Number of appointments done
  • Active customers (buyers & sellers)
  • Along with many key marketing statistics 

Your dashboard brings all your important info together in one place. 

Being able to see which areas you are producing results and what areas you are not producing results allows you to better own & operate your business. 

Knowledge allows you to be a much more effective business owner. 

Here is how your KPI Dashboard should be laid out…

  • List all of the important KPIs you want to manage
  • Each KPI needs a Target or Goal column then an Actual column. 
  • Should be digital or in a shared system.

At Buildify Systems, our software automatically creates and manages your businesses KPI’s real time for you in a beautiful easy to read dashboard! 

Let’s summarize what we have covered so far… 

We have our Sales Goal broken down, so we know exactly what we need to produce. 

We have our Marketing Plan, so we know exactly what actions to go take to produce our goal. 

What’s an obstacle that can mess all this up?

… Its YOU!

You taking Consistent Action! 

A big challenge I see that effects the success of a lot of Agents, is the Consistency of the actions they take. 

Now let’s talk about how systems impact your mindset around Consistency. 

How do systems impact your mindset around Consistency?

When you become clear on what you have to produce to hit your sales goal you become mentally & emotionally engaged. 

Then when you can bridge how hitting your sales goal will give you the resources to do the things in your life that matter to you, you become even more engaged!

See hitting a goal and growing a business is not easy… to push through the resistance and fear and frustration, takes something. When you are emotionally engaged and clear on what you need to do to win you will be more consistent and let less things stop you!

Your Sales Goal and your KPIs keep you present to what matters and that engages your brain. 

Know what matters in your life and tying that to your stats is powerful! 

Let’s shift gears now and look at some totally different types of Systems…

A different type of system that helps you become more consistent and help your business grow and scale are Business Manuals.

What is a business Manual?

A business manual is a shared document that contains checklists, and procedures of how to do everything in that area of the business. 

Having Manuals in each area of your business provides for more Consistency along with giving it a stronger foundation.  

How does having different manuals in your business help the Consistency?

  • Everyone does things the same way.
  • Everyone involved in your business is doing things the way you envisioned them being done. 

There are 2 main manuals I recommend a real estate business have…

  1. Operations Manual
  2. Marketing Manual

You want each Manual to contain the following…

  • checklists, 
  • step-by-step procedures
  • visual aids / video tutorials  

At Buildify we have a saying when we teach The Buildify Method to business owners. 

We say that the “Job Description” tells someone what to do.

Their “Calendar” tell them when to do it.

And their “Manual” tells them how to do it.

Your Homework Assignment is… start building out your Operation Manual, Marketing Manual, etc.

To learn more about this topic, you can go to the Seminars Page and you can watch the full seminar on Foundational Business Systems for a Real Estate Business 2.0

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In the Buildify Systems platform, we have made creating and implementing key system easier and more efficient for you. We are committed to providing your with all the foundational business systems you need in order to grow and scale. Aaron Keith, our founder and master business coach, has masterminded our dynamic systems with his more than 20 years in business and having worked with more than 10,000 companies over that time. 

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